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Ottawa Pride Hockey was founded in 2020 by friends Alex Vincent and Kat Ferguson. Alex and Kat had attended a friendship series with Team Trans and Boston Pride Hockey and were inspired by the fun and inclusive environment to create Ottawa's own queer and trans friendly team.

Play with pride (2).png

Logo & Jersey Design

The "otter" was chosen by several of our original team members as our logo. It was important for us to have a mascot native to our region. The river otter is a playful and mischievous little creature that calls our waterways home and loves to frolic on the ice in the winter months! In designing our logo, we spoke with a local Two-Spirit Knowledge Keeper and Storyteller who guided us in incorporating elements of our land into the logo. The final design was created by Ehren English, a queer artist in Ottawa.

A close up of a hockey player standing by the net. They are wearing a white jersey with an otter logo.
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