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Player Contact

Player Skill Level

***Goalies please enter N/A***

Please rate your skill level according to the information below.

BEGINNER: The First Part

1 = This is your very first time playing hockey. You have no game experience, never been on skates

before and wondering if you should use a right or left handed stick.

2 = You have no organized hockey experience, but do have basic skating skills, you are able to skate

forward and do a basic stop. You have little or no stick-handling abilities.

3 = You have taken a few classes or clinics, but have never played on a team. You have basic skating

skills and stick-handling abilities.


NOVICE: A Person New To A Field Or Activity

4 = You have played on a team and you are currently learning rules of play, positioning, and

beginning to learn incorporation of stick handling with skating skills.

5 = You have mastered basic skating skills, and are undertaking intermediate skating skills

(crossovers, forward/backward transitions), progressing with basic puck handling, passing and

shooting, have a basic understanding of rules of play.


INTERMEDIATE: Occurring Between Two Extremes

6 = You are comfortable with basic stick handling and passing, you focus on mastering intermediate

skating skills, improving passing and shooting. You are learning strategic concepts such as

breakouts, face offs, power plays and penalty killing.

7 = You are confident with intermediate skating skills, solid passing, and are developing your shot.

You are learning to execute strategic concepts and structured plays, developing the ability to

apply advanced concepts in game situations… Now if I only had a move…

8 = You are confident with intermediate skating skills and have a few basic stick-handling moves

developed. You are comfortable playing either defense and forward.



9 = You have mastered intermediate skating skills, are confident in your stick handling abilities. You

have a thorough understanding of the game, and have the ability to execute plays.

10 = You have excellent skating and puck handling abilities, consistently execute plays, and finally

have a few moves.


ADVANCED: At a Higher Level Than Others

11 = You've mastered advanced skating skills and your mitts are silky smooth. You can nearly always put the puck where you want it. You know the game inside and out.

12 = You have mastered all of the above, and have played junior/college/university/pro hockey within the last 5 years.

Skill Level
Please specify the highest level of hockey you have played.
Please specify how long it has been since you played at that highest level.


Would you be interested in being a team captain? The role would include being the point of contact, ensuring team has all needed information,


Waiver and Release: Ottawa Pride Hockey

Please read this carefully as this agreement will affect your legal rights.


Every person or such persons’ parent or guardians (if the participant is not of the age of 18) MUST read and understand this waiver and release before participating in activities on or attending Ottawa Pride Hockey activities.


I understand that there are inherent risks associated with my participation in all activities with Ottawa Pride Hockey, including at an arena complex. I am aware that the Risks include, but are not limited to, the potential for serious personal injury, death, property damage, and/or illness. I understand the Risks may be relative to my own state of fitness and health (including physical, mental, and emotional), and to the awareness, care, and skill with which I conduct myself.


I freely accept and fully assume all responsibilities for all above-described Risks. I, as well as my next of kin and assigns, hereby completely release Ottawa Pride Hockey for any liability, for any risk listed above which might arise in connection with Ottawa Pride Hockey activities.


I understand my participation in all Ottawa Pride Hockey activities is voluntary, and that I have signed this waiver voluntarily.  


By checking below, I confirm that I am the individual below or am the legal guardian of the individual below if they are under the age of majority, and that I have read and understand this Waiver and Release.

Registration Confirmation and Fee

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Queer Capital Cup Player Registration Form

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