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Regular Season Recap

With the regular season wrapping up last week, here is a look back at how Otters 1 and Otters Too (2) fared this year.

Otters 1

Otters 1 started out the season strong with a 5-3 win against Otters Too. Unfortunately for the team, this would be their only win of the season and their highest-scoring game. The team brought great energy to each game and had numerous compliments from other teams with one player saying how much he appreciated "the vibes" after the game. The Otters 1 overall motto for this season was, "You might beat us but you can't stop us from having a good time".

Playoff Seeding - 12th Seed (last place)

Regular Season Statistics - 1 - 13 - 0 (2pts)

Goals For - 19

Goals Against - 104

Top Goal Scorer - 3-way tie between Brianna, Paige, & Cheryl (4 goals)

Top Points Scorer - Andree (7 points)

Otters Too

Otters Too spent the early part of the season in close games where they were able to put up 3+ goals every night but came up shy each time. It would not be until July 14th when Otters Too would secure their first victory, winning 3-2 over Otters 1 in a nail-biter of a game where goalie Jake stood on his head in the dying minutes to avoid a tie. Despite losing all but 1 game Otters Too also had a never give up mentality and they played hard right up until the final whistle each night!

Playoff Seeding - 11th Seed

Regular Season Statistics - 1 - 13 - 0 (2pts)

Goals For - 23

Goals Against - 101

Top Goal Scorer - Soupy (7 goals)

Top Points Scorer - Soupy (10 points)

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