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Week 3 Game Results

Week 3 added another tick in the loss column for both Otters teams, but both teams fought hard and played great games.

Otters 1 looked to get revenge on the Primates after they beat Otters 2 6 - 0 last week. Unfortunately the Primates were too much to handle with a very talented goaltender holding the fort. While the score may not show it, Otters 1 carried the play for large portions of the game but could not get the puck past the netminder. The single Otters goal was scored on a beautiful rush and deke by Paige with 1:49 remaining in the game. This week, Otters 2 fought until the very end in their 6 - 4 loss against the Space Coyotes (who win for second best jerseys in the division, featuring the coyote that Homer Simpson hallucinated after eating a very hot pepper). Britt opened up the scoring for the Otters after a perfect netfront pass from Soupy, followed shortly after by a powerplay goal by Landon, assisted by Stephen. The third goal was cinched by Soupy via an epic wraparound, followed by a fourth goal snatched by Paige, who generously joined us from Otters 1, despite the 10:30 game time. The net was minded by Kat, who promised us a pylon-like performance, but actually lied and totally killed it. Otters 1 lose 6 - 1 to the Primates

Otters 2 lose 6 - 4 to the Space Coyotes

This week Otters 1 plays the Hustlers while Otters 2 will face off against the Boys.

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