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If you have been looking for a 2SLGBTQ+ inclusive group to play with, this is it. In our third season of pick up hockey, we are led by gender diverse people and promote a safer space for everyone. If you have been wanting to try hockey but have been scared to do so, you are welcome with us. Our current group has everyone from beginners to seasoned pros willing to help you hone your skills. Allies are always welcome.

Notes about playing with us:

  • We require everyone to have a full set of hockey equipment - if you do not have equipment we may have some you can borrow

  • Please bring both a light/white and a dark jersey

  • Cost per ice time: $12-$15 - goalies play for free

  • Dressing rooms are non-gendered

  • Pick up style scrimmage

  • Most players are above the age of 18 but we do have younger players join us on occasion

  • All skill levels welcome, we have players who are in their first few years of playing and some who have played for 20+ years

General Play Guidelines:

  • No body contact

  • Stick must be below the knee when shooting - no slapshots

  • Only words of encouragement will be welcome when playing or on the bench

  • Please be respectful of pronouns, if you are unsure please ask

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