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A close up of a hockey player standing by a net. The white jersey has rainbow stripes down the side.



We believe in the importance of sport in bringing us together as a community. Many of us quit sports when we were younger, when we encountered homophobia or transphobia, and are returning to team sports with some level of nervousness or ambivalence. Others are brand new to team sports and trying hockey out for the first time. Regardless of your skill and experience level, we feel that creating spaces for queer and trans joy, shared through sport, can benefit everyone. The emphasis is on fun, teamwork and continuous learning, rather than competitiveness.


Sometimes, it can be hard to find your community. Playing hockey together is a great way to come together with the wider 2SLGTBQ+ community, while having a great time playing hockey. Too often, 2SGLTBQ+ individuals have to answer many questions about their identity, or “come out” over and over again. We strive to create a space where people can just be, and enjoy hockey at the same time.


As we come together and share our joy for hockey, our pride in our own identities grow. We feel proud to be part of the movement to challenge barriers in hockey and help leave the sport better than we found it. Our pride is also deeply intersectional – we know these barriers can be felt very differently across different identities. To be part of our group, there is no pressure to be “out” as queer or trans and we will always respect your privacy – we always welcome those who are questioning or unsure about their identity, no questions asked.

Play with pride (2).png
Play with pride (2).png
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